Garmin babyCam feeds video to GPS, alerts parents

Garmin has launched its new babyCam, a small cylindrical camera that works in conjunction with a Garmin GPS display. The camera, as its name suggests, is designed to display a video feed of the baby in the back seat; it is mounted on a headrest, and its angle can be adjusted. It's a safety device as much as it is a convenience device — babies are often forgotten in a car due to falling asleep and, thusly, remaining quiet as the caregiver goes about his or her normal routine.

To further its safety-minded construction, babyCam gives the drivers an on-screen alert when they arrive at their destination, prompting them to check and make sure there's not a child in the backseat. It also includes voice commands so that users can control the camera in a safer hands-free manner.

The camera itself is powered by a pair of AA batteries, but can also be run off a USB power cord, though neither are included with the camera. The camera's design is meant to be child-friendly; it has smooth edges to eliminate the risk of cutting or hurting one's self with it. Garmin will be showing its new camera off at ABC Kids Expo in Vegas this weekend.

Said Garmin worldwide sales VP Dan Bartel, "Having to awkwardly turn around or pull over on the side of the road to check on your child is simply unsafe. With babyCam, parents can easily monitor children as often as they need while running daily errands." The camera will be available starting January 2016 for $199.99 USD.