Gaming cosplayers break Guinness World Record

There are many gamers in this world that feel the need to dress up as their favorite characters and attend shows. I'd laugh and make fun of them, but the ones with decent costumes actually look pretty cool, and I've always been tempted to partake, though I'd probably go with a Star Wars-themed costume. Well a group of these cosplayers (as they're called) have gotten themselves into the Guinness Book of World Records.

A gathering of 80 cosplayers set the record for "The Largest Gathering of Games Characters" recently. What's amusing is that 30 of them were school kids dressed up as Mario. For those of you thinking that the record is a bit on the low side, you're right. There wasn't any previous record to be broken, so they were a shoe-in.

I highly doubt that this record will last long at all, considering at large conventions you'll see hundreds of cosplayers on any given day.

[via Kotaku]