GameStop to launch new GameStop Kids stores

Just in time for the holiday season, GameStop is launching 80 new stores that will be focused only on games for young kids. The franchise is calling the stores GameStop Kids, and all 80 locations are expected to be open by November 15. The first store opens today at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, TX.

Obviously, buying gifts for kids is big business during Christmas time, and GameStop is taking full advantage of that with its GameStop Kids stores by featuring E-rated games, as well as a bevy of game-related toys, accessories and collectibles. It's a perfect store for parents to browse without having to take the effort to skip all of the M-rated titles.

GameStop CEO Paul Raines says that the company's new kid-centric stores are "really a way for [them] to take share away from people who are in the toy business and have an expanded assortment, and show people how to drive kids to new experiences, new products or an expanded assortment of existing products like Skylanders and Angry Birds."

Other than Skylanders and Angry Birds, GameStop Kids will feature games and items from Minecraft and Star Wars, but the company didn't mention any other titles. However, we're assuming most E-rated games that they already feature in their stores will be available in GameStop Kids locations, as well as an overall improved selection of kids games over GameStop's current stores.

[via Dallas Business Journal]