GameStop PS5 restock incoming: What to know

Those trying to get a PlayStation 5 will have another chance this week. GameStop has announced that it will soon be restocking the PlayStation 5, but like the last few restocks at this retailer, buying one will require more than simply refreshing a website and hoping to get lucky. Indeed, this is another in-store restock, with many locations getting fresh PS5 shipments this week.

Specifically, this week's restock will be happening tomorrow, January 14th. Many GameStops around the country will be getting PS5 consoles to sell in-store, and you can find the closest one to you by heading over to GameStop's PS5 store restock locator. Interestingly, several states in the central US won't be restocked tomorrow, so pour one out for our friends in states like Wyoming, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.

GameStop has held these in-store PS5 sales events several times in the past, and each time, the company has required that prospective buyers be PowerUp Rewards Pro members. Unfortunately, things are no different this time around, as GameStop says that PS5s will only be available to PowerUp Pro members once again. While that membership only costs $14.99 per year, it's still an extra cost and a roadblock for those who aren't currently subscribed.

While there's no confirmation of this on GameStop's store tracker, expect to buy more than just a PlayStation 5, too. Since these new consoles launched, GameStop has mainly offered them in bundles with games, accessories, and GameStop gift cards. It's very likely that it will sell this new batch of consoles in a similar fashion, so expect to spend more than $400 (in the case of the Digital Edition PS5) or $500 (in the case of the disc-based console).

The good news is that GameStop's bundles often have good games and useful accessories, such as an extra DualSense controller. GameStop's bundles are usually priced fairly considering what you get with them, as they're used to dissuade scalpers from snatching up available stock only to relist those consoles online at a higher price.

As the store restock locator indicates, you'll have to buy your PS5 in person, as well. While many retailers have opted to sell consoles online, particularly during the early stages of the pandemic, these consoles won't be available through GameStop's website. That can be both a good and bad thing because even though it means you have to go out to a store for a chance to buy one, it also potentially means you'll have less competition for a console – at least relative to how much competition you'd have online.

Even then, you should expect these PS5s to sell out quickly tomorrow. GameStop says that it will only have limited quantities available, and given that demand for the PlayStation 5 is still high, we're expecting many of these stores to sell out quickly after opening tomorrow. If you're planning on trying your luck at snagging one of these in-store PS5s tomorrow, good luck to you, because competition will probably still be fierce.