Gamer proposes via a hacked DS

I've always wondered how I'd propose to the girl of my dreams. I'd like to think that I'd do it in some geeky fashion related to video games, because the girl of my dreams would be just as big of a geek as I am. Well one lucky gamer found himself a girl that loves her DS, and found a pretty geeky way to propose to her, via a hacked game of Bejeweled.

This guy must really love his girlfriend (fiancee now) because he took the time to hack Bejeweled onto  a DS. Not only did get get the game on there (from scratch no less) but he rigged it so that when it hit a certain score, the screen would clear and a ring would come down so he could propose.

That has got to be one of the coolest proposals I've ever heard of. Don't worry, the guy had an actual ring to back it up, so it's all good.

[via MaxConsole]