Game Devs submit over 100 games with "Candy" in the title to protest King trademark

Last week we mentioned that the makers of the popular Candy Crush game managed to win a trademark on the term "candy" and proceeded to try to force any game out there with the generic word in its title to change. That didn't sit well with developers and apparently the devs are fighting back with a massive trolling campaign.

Reports indicate that developers in Europe are designing and submitting as many games as possible with the word "candy" in the title to Apple for approval. Developers participating in the trolling campaign say that it is to protest the trademark system itself and Candy Crush developer King itself.

Developers participating on the protest have submitted over 100 games with candy in the title, and some of them are awesome. The titles include Shew It Down: Candy Crap Saga, CanDieCanDieCanDie, ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy,CANDY on the EDGE, Candy Escape Goat Saga, Candy Crush SEGA, and Don't Let the Candies Crush You.

The Candy Jam website is where the reasons for the protest are laid out. The site says that trademarking common names is ridiculous, and many would agree with that. I doubt that the trolling campaign will change anything, but it is fun.