Galaxy Z Fold trademark confirms foldable tablet

Although there are a few companies now putting out foldable phones, it's hard to deny that Samsung is still at the top, with no less than four models under its belt. It is expected to put out its third generation of such phones this year, but there's still one kind of foldable device that's missing from its portfolio. If recent leaks are to be believed, however, a Galaxy Z Fold tablet is already in the works and its existence may have just been confirmed by Samsung itself.

OK, Samsung didn't exactly confirm the Galaxy Z Fold Tab that was leaked last week, at least not directly. What LetsGoDigital saw actually a simple clue found in a filing for the Galaxy Z Fold trademark in Europe. That filing notes that the trademark will be used for smartphones and tablets, something most already know anyway, at least for the smartphone part.

What's notable here is the mention of "tablets", something Samsung hasn't exactly talked about before. Of course, tablets that fold into phones have always been part of the foldable dream but the current incarnations of that vision are mostly limited to small tablet sizes because of the need to still have a phone you can comfortably hold in one hand. The solution, apparently, is to have the tablet fold more than once.

The Galaxy Z Fold Tab, if that is what it's name will be, is expected to have a tri-fold design so that a regular-sized tablet, around 10 inches or so. That will enable it to shrink down to the size and form of a phone, though it will most likely be a thick one.

The fact that Samsung only now applied for a trademark for the Z Fold name suggests that it's about to use it in a bigger sense. Whether that Galaxy Z Fold Tab will be included in July's event, however, is something to watch out for.