Galaxy Z Fold 3 survives Allstate drop and dunk tests

It may be $200 cheaper this year, but there's no denying that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 still surpasses regular smartphones of the same specs when it comes to price. You are, of course, paying for materials and technologies revolving around that foldable display, but that may also be a cause for great concern when it comes to durability. Samsung made big claims about the Galaxy Z Fold 3's increased ruggedness, and while JerryRigEverything already put that to the test, SquareTrade's Allstate has come up with more brutal ways to verify Samsung's boast.

The new Armor Aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus used for the Galaxy Z Fold 3's body might not exactly be the assurance that owners and prospective buyers need. They are most likely more concerned about the inner main display, which Samsung also claimed to be 80% stronger. It still uses a plastic film that can be scratched with very sharp fingernails, but the real concern is whether it will survive accidental drops.

Allstate puts that to the test by dropping the foldable phone face-down, with that very same foldable display hitting hard concrete first. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3's main display survives two such drops and remains functional except for some minor pixel damage and minor scuffing on the corners, probably at the point of impact. While most people probably won't accidentally drop the open phone from a height of six feet, it at least gives some guarantee the foldable phone won't immediately die after at least one drop from a lower height.

Ironically, it was the outer Cover Display that received the most damaged when the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was dropped from the same height while closed. The glass was easily shattered, which doesn't speak well of the protective layer that should have better protected the display. That said, the screen seems to still be functional, at least.

Unsurprisingly, the phone also survives a 30-minute bath in a pool at a depth of 5 feet, verifying its IPX8 rating. Allstate was clearly impressed to the point of naming the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as the most durable phone it has tested so far. Of course, real-world use and accidents will vary, but this could at least offer some peace of mind that the phone isn't a fragile piece of glass.