Galaxy Z Fold 3 Note Pack promo to include the missing charger

It wasn't too long ago, just last year actually, when Apple made the bold move not to ship a charger nor a pair of earbuds in the iPhone 12's box. After ridiculing the decision, Samsung followed suit and didn't ship a charger with the Galaxy S21 earlier this year. It did somehow get around some criticism by offering the charger as a pre-order perk. It seems that the same story will be told about the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and you'll have to sign up early if you want a free charger, among other accessories.

Shipping without a charger has been justified as both environment-friendly and economical, though the exact results of those have yet to be measured quantitatively. Regardless, many high-end smartphones are being sold today without the power brick, which sometimes means an additional expense for buyers. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, which may start with a $1,800 price tag, is no exception, at least judging by the promo pack you can get if you pre-order the foldable phone.

According to @_snoopytech_, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a pre-order "Note Pack" promo, a clear reference to the Galaxy Note it will be replacing this year. Included in the pack is a case with an S Pen holder and, of course, the S Pen itself. The entire pack is valued at 89 EUR ($105).

Included in the package is a 25W wired charger, however, suggesting that there won't be a charger inside the Galaxy Z Fold 3's box. While that is in line with Samsung's new direction, one could only wish that a $1,800 phone would have a charger thrown in as a freebie, even after the pre-order period.

The Note Pack itself is interesting, even without the charger, as it clearly shows Samsung pushing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a Galaxy Note stand-in. It remains to be seen, however, if its new S Pen won't scratch the supposedly stronger foldable screen or if it will flop just like the fragile first Galaxy Fold.