Galaxy Z Fold 2 price is reassuring but not without a cost

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Samsung has already formally announced the second of its expected three-part Galaxy Unfold 2020 series, on that it already revealed to be all about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 earlier this month. Given how much has been leaked already, plus official or sponsored teasers, there is really just one piece that's missing. That final piece, the price, has now finally come to light, both officially and unofficially, and it is unsurprising in both a good and a bad way.

Given the upgrades that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is getting, it is generally expected to be more expensive than its predecessor, which already hit the $2,000 mark. The bigger cover (second) screen, higher quality flexible display, and, of course, upgraded specs do suggest a foldable phone that is once again out of reach of most consumers anyway. So it's definitely a pleasant surprise to hear that it won't be that higher after all.

WinFuture got hold of information that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will cost 2,000 EUR. Although high, that's still a hundred euros than the original's 2,100 EUR price tag. As if on cue, Samsung's UK website confirms the price drop, from the first Galaxy Fold's 1,900 GBP to just 1,800 GBP. We expect the same adjustments will be made for US prices.

While definitely good news, there are also some concessions that were made which could have led to the cheaper price tag. There are fewer cameras this time, for one, and the storage is fixed at 256GB only. Whether there are other hidden cuts, we'll find out on September 1.

Those drawbacks are definitely small prices to pay for a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 2, considering what new features you're getting in return. It's still significantly higher than the $1,400 Microsoft Surface Duo, which is rivaling it from a different angle and with a different productivity proposition. But while Samsung already proved its software experience last year, Microsoft has still to convince the market that its dual-screen experience is worth that permanent seam in the middle.