Galaxy Z Fold 2 features now available on the Galaxy Fold

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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is definitely a much-needed upgrade but that doesn't mean that the Galaxy Fold is any less capable. At least as far as core features are concerned, anything this year's foldable phone is capable of, the 2019 first-gen device can do just as well. Fortunately, Samsung sees it that way and has now rolled out an update to the Galaxy Fold that will let early adopters and believers squeeze out a bit more from their foldable phones. At least until the next year's model truly makes it feel obsolete.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a better foldable phone in almost every sense but the Galaxy Fold still has perfectly good hardware to make good use of the same software features. The cover display outside might be a lot smaller but it can still sufficiently handle being used as a Rear Cam Selfie viewfinder. Same with Dual Preview, that lets your subject see what you're seeing through the camera at the same time.

The update goes beyond photography, though, and adds features that touch into the core use case of foldable phones: enhanced productivity. From the new Edge Panel to the new Multi-Active Window layout options, this Galaxy Fold update aims to make the device more than just a fancy novelty. And with support for wireless Samsung DeX, it can even become a fancy desktop.

Of course, not all Galaxy Z Fold 2 features will be compatible with the Galaxy Fold. Particularly those features that require the phone to stay at a fixed angle won't even make sense considering the kind of hinge the OG foldable phone has.

Still, the feature dump is a huge deal for Galaxy Fold owners, allaying fears that Samsung, as it often does, has abandoned its older model in favor of the shiny new one. Whether that will stay true in the next months up to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is, of course, a different question, especially if next year's foldable becomes a significantly different beast.