Galaxy Z Flip durability test and teardown raise some concerns

Samsung has finally announced its four bets for the early half of 2020 and, unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Z Flip has taken much of the spotlight because of its novel technology. The design, of course, isn't completely original but the implementation that uses a flexible screen will naturally have people take a second look. As expected, it has been compared and contrasted with the new Motorola Razr whose durability and value for your money are now being put on the hot seat. But is the Galaxy Z Flip really any better? A few YouTubers have put that to the test and their answers are rather inconclusive.

It should be no surprise that a foldable phone like the Galaxy Z Flip will attract JerryRigEverything's Zack Nelson, especially with all the glass-related claims Samsung made for its second attempt at such a device. The YouTuber spares no words when chiding Apple for its sapphire glass claims and now Samsung has also landed on his hit list as well. As it turns out, Samsung's Ultra-Thin Glass is no match even for Nelson's fingernails.

While Nelson calls out Samsung for outright lying about the material used on the screen, XDA's Max Weinbach offers an alternative story. The Galaxy Z Flip does use glass, as we might be able to glimpse later on. What Samsung conveniently failed to mention was that it had a layer of plastic on top of that glass for added protection. Not enough protection from Mohs picks and Nelson's nails.

Just as with the Motorola Razr, PBKReviews came out with the first teardown of the Galaxy Z Flip. The initial disassembly was relatively less tedious compared to its Motorola rival. That said, unlike the new Razr, the screen on the Galaxy Z Flip is harder to remove, which makes it harder and more expensive to replace. That and the seemingly thicker material, perhaps because of the Ultra-Thin Glass, makes it less flexible even if more durable.

Just as with the Motorola Razr, it is too early to say if the Galaxy Z Flip will be the most durable foldable phone so far. Samsung seems to have at least learned its lessons but we're still far from the day when foldable phones will not only be more affordable but, more importantly, also more reliable.