Galaxy Z Flip 3 durability test shows the foldable's invulnerability

Foldable phones still look and feel like eccentric luxury purchases rather than what would become the normal design of smartphones, but Samsung has been doing its best to bring its Galaxy Z series up to speed in almost all aspects. From features to durability, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are trying to present themselves as something even regular users can rely on, and the Galaxy Z Flip 3's durability test tries to prove that as well.

Some "normal" phones are already precariously fragile even when they're seemingly made up of a single body and a single display. Even without considering their flexible display panels, foldable devices look even more questionable in that area, particularly because of the mechanical hinge and moving parts. While the flexible screen still needs work, Samsung has more or less perfected the structural durability of its foldable phones.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 endured almost all that JerryRigEverything could throw at it, from scratch test to burn test to bend test to the new dust test. Not all of these will translate to real-world scenarios, but it does give some assurance regarding the extreme strength of the smaller foldable phone. Special props can even be given to how the plastic-like screen protector lasted far longer than most of its kind under a flame.

Of course, the highlights of the tortures are the bend test as well as the dust test specifically designed for foldable devices. While the Galaxy Z Flip 3 did get slightly deformed after being forcefully bent, it still remained functional. Even sand sprinkled and smeared on both sides of the phone did nothing to destroy it.

Of course, the weakest point of Samsung's foldable phones is still the foldable display that can still be scratched by sharp fingernails. Ironically, that same display would survive a face-down drop, which again inspires confidence in the longevity of these expensive phones.