Galaxy Z Flip 2 might actually be called the Galaxy Z Flip 3

JC Torres - Apr 15, 2021, 9:34pm CDT
Galaxy Z Flip 2 might actually be called the Galaxy Z Flip 3

What’s in a name, really, especially when it comes to smartphones. Although most follow a natural progression of numbers, some, like Chinese manufacturers, skip the number 4 due to superstition. There are also times when companies adjust their numbering, whether or not it makes sense, like what Samsung is reportedly doing this year. There will be no Galaxy Z Flip 2, sources say, and a Galaxy Z Flip 3 will launch with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in July instead.

It’s really just down to marketing but, to be honest, it will probably help dispel some confusion anyway. Last year saw the launch of two Galaxy Z Flip models but the Galaxy Z Flip 5G was exactly what its name suggested. It wasn’t a Galaxy Z Flip 2 but was just a 5G variant of the first clamshell foldable from Samsung.

And then there’s the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a true third-generation foldable, that will be coming side-by-side with the Galaxy Z Flip 2. According to LetsGoDigital’s sources, Samsung worries that people will see the Galaxy Z Flip 2 as an older or lower-grade device and, just like it did with the Galaxy Note series in 2016, it decided to skip a number to sync the two phones.

Unfortunately, there is little else known about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 at this point. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it is expected to increase in screen size both inside and out. It may even have three cameras instead of just two from last year’s flippable phones. Despite those hardware upgrades, it might not have a larger battery to keep up with the added power costs.

Both phones are now expected to debut in July, a month earlier than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 last year but a month later than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Most of the attention, however, might be hogged by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which may finally bring the S Pen to the foldable phone series, though at the cost of some minor downgrades.

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