Galaxy Z Flip 2 could get this important upgrade

To say that Samsung is obsessed with foldable phones wouldn't exactly be an understatement. Ever since it showed off the idea of a flexible display and a foldable device in 2013, it has never stopped working towards that goal, no matter how long it took or costly it became. Despite having launched at least four such devices, there is definitely still room for improvement and the next foldable phone will reportedly bring the clamshell form factor on the same level as the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Compared to its closest rival, the new Motorola Razr, Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is undoubtedly premium in features as well as in price. Samsung didn't cut corners, at least as far as things it could cram inside the phone's smaller form. Just like the first Galaxy Fold, however, it still needed some refinement.

That refinement will be coming in the Galaxy Z Flip successor according to @Ice universe's latest info. Curiously, the tipster refers to this as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, perhaps considering the Galaxy Z Flip 5G as a Galaxy Z Flip 2. Regardless of the name, it will reportedly come with very important changes.

The biggest will probably the 120 Hz refresh rate that will produce smooth visuals and better feedback. This has pretty much become a staple of high-end phones, including the Galaxy Z Fold 2, so it's encouraging to hear it will get that as well. The phone will also be narrow, which will probably be due to reducing the bezels, just as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 did.

Perhaps the most important change, however, will be the price, which could be lower than the $1,500 of the current Galaxy Z Flip 5G. How much lower is still anyone's guess, but if Samsung will indeed be able to pull off a better but cheaper Galaxy Z Flip, few will probably complain if it's only $100 cheaper.