Galaxy Z Fold 2 announcement is still on, cover display gets a new skill

Samsung is not one to take "no" for an answer and, despite rumors that its next foldable phone is far from ready, it seems that it will still be pushing through with at least a grand reveal next month. It still hasn't confirmed the odd new name but the Galaxy Z Flip 2 might be bringing some much-needed improvements in the foldable experience, including the screen that you only get to use when the foldable phone is folded shut.

The Galaxy Fold's Cover display might not be its main attraction but it is the component that actually makes the device usable as a phone. Unfortunately, it had even fewer capabilities than your regular smartphone screen, something that was actually hobbled by software rather than any hardware limitation. Fortunately, that might be changing with the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

XDA's Max Weinbach discovered traces of new features in the Galaxy Z Flip's firmware that hints at one important new capability. The Galaxy Z Fold 2's cover display will apparently function as a viewfinder for the rear camera even when the device is unfolded, in which case the larger main display is turned off. This will make it easier to use the more powerful main camera for taking selfies.

Weinbach was also able to glean the aspect ratios of the two screens, 5:4 for the main foldable display and an extremely tall 25:9 for the front cover display. This increase may be due to the removal of notches and a decrease in bezels. Both displays are expected to have punch-hole cutouts for their respective front-facing cameras.

Based on Samsung UK's own teaser, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will unfold along with the rest of Samsung's new brood on August 5. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it will be ready to ship right then and there. Samsung's leaked launch schedule puts its availability around September but whispers of certification delays could still push it back to early October.