Galaxy Watch Camera Controller now works with Galaxy S9, Note 9, Z Flip

For a time, it seemed that smartwatches would never find their place in the modern mobile world but, thanks to Apple, these wearables are getting a newfound purpose as portable health tools. That said, they are still pretty much extension of smartphones, allowing them to quickly glance at notifications or even control their phone without touching them. The latter is especially useful when trying to take photos while propping up your smartphone from afar.

It easy enough to use a timer to have a delay before the shutter activates on the Samsung Camera app but you'll never know whether you or everyone is within the frame or in the right spots. You can try finding a third-party app that acts as a remote shutter but you'll also still be shooting blind.

Launched last year along with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung's Camera Controller app for the Galaxy Watch brings the best of both worlds. It turns your watch into a remote control for the camera but also lets you see what the camera sees. You can even swipe between modes before taking a shot.

At launch, the Camera Controller app had very limited compatibility, covering only the 2019 Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy Fold before finally adding the Galaxy S20 from this year. With the latest version, Samsung has generously expanded that support to cover even its 2018 flagships, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9. As a bonus, it even adds the foldable Galaxy Z Flip to that list.

The number of smartwatches it supports, however, still remains the same. That is limited to both first and second generations of the Galaxy Watch Active as well as the original Galaxy Watch. If there is a new Galaxy Watch 2 on the horizon, hopefully, that will get supported as well.