Galaxy Unpacked 2021 invite teases the most powerful Galaxy

It has been a very busy year for Samsung so far, with a constant stream of new product announcements to make up for last year's slough. Of course, Samsung isn't just about smartphones and it has launched quite a number of products across all its consumer electronics markets. It even has one more batch coming later this month in a new Unpacked event that it says will reveal its most powerful Galaxy yet. And, no, it probably won't be a smartphone.

Samsung's Unpacked events and especially its Galaxy brand has traditionally been associated only with its smartphones and tablets. More recently, however, it has decided to drop its other brands and slap "Galaxy" on its accessories and even some laptops. Given the flow of rumors in the past days, the latter is exactly what Samsung plans to unpack in two weeks.

Those rumors have named a Galaxy Book Pro and a Galaxy Book 360 as the most likely candidates for the event. Given how they're expected to run on Intel's latest 11th-gen Core i processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics, they definitely fit the bill of being Samsung's most powerful Galaxy devices. Curiously, they won't be using Samsung's much-touted QLED screens and opt for just plain OLED instead.

The rest of the leaked specs include 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch display variants, as well as various configurations of Wi-Fi only, LTE, and 5G options. The largest Galaxy Book Pro will reportedly have its own NVIDIA MX 450 GPU instead of sticking to Intel's much-boasted Xe GPU technology. There will also be S Pen support but probably only for the Galaxy Book 360.

The Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event will be streamed online on April 28 at 10 AM ET. Coincidentally, Apple will be holding its own product announcement on April 20 where it will debut its next-gen iPad Pros that are designed to rival or even replace traditional laptops like Samsung's Galaxy Books.