Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ will finally get a long-overdue feature

Back before the iPad Pro was even a thing, tablet users could only look to Samsung's slates as an example of what a professional tablet should be like. Since then, however, the Galaxy Tab S line was almost left to playing catch up instead. It is still Android's strongest and most featured tablet but, compared especially to the latest iPad Pros, it almost feels like yesterday's news. Now the ball is again in Samsung's court and it seems that the Galaxy Tab S7 will indeed be catching up in at least one way.

Apple introduced the idea of a ProMotion display back in 2017 even before smartphones started boasting 90 Hz or even 120 Hz screen refresh rates. Rather than being a gaming-oriented feature, the iPad Pros utilized higher refresh rates not only to improve the feeling of responsiveness, especially when scrolling pages, but also to decrease the latency of its Apple Pencil stylus.

According to Ice universe, the Galaxy Tab S7 and its Plus model will get something like that, though probably with a different marketing name if it will even have one. The 120 Hz refresh rate will definitely be a very palpable improvement for Samsung's already excellent Super AMOLED panels used on its premium tablets.

Other than that, however, Samsung may not have much in the way of surprises. A Geekbench listing shows the Galaxy Tab S7+'s core specs which are pretty much what you'd expect: a Snapdragon 865 to give it its 5G capabilities, 6GB of RAM perhaps even an 8GB variant, and will run Android 10 out of the box. Sadly, it doesn't say much else about the other important specs, especially the cameras.

Based on earlier leaks, the Galaxy Tab S7 might not go that far and stick to only two of those cameras. Samsung's big play this year might be to offer two size options, bringing back a 12-inch slate after a long hiatus. The two slates are expected to debut alongside the Galaxy Note 20 on August 5 and Samsung might need a bit more punch to paint the Galaxy Tab S7 as an innovator rather than a runner-up.