Galaxy Tab S5e coming to AT&T when the Galaxy Tab S6 is already out

Samsung is one of the very few OEMs remaining who continue to make Android tablets and, this year, it has two to offer the shrinking market. The Galaxy Tab S5e was launched earlier this year but was quickly upstaged by the Galaxy Tab S6 barely two months ago. AT&T may not have gotten the memo and is only now launching the Galaxy Tab S5e as a gateway to its video streaming content and communication services.

On the one hand, there might be some sense to AT&T's strategy. Compared to the Galaxy Tab S6, the Galaxy Tab S5e is significantly more affordable. That means that there's a bigger chance of AT&T subscribers grabbing the device, whether in full or under an installment plan, which means more subscribers can avail of the carrier's various services.

AT&T's promo video for the Galaxy Tab S5e highlights not only the capabilities of the tablet but what you can use it for in tandem with AT&T's products. The large screen makes it a natural fit for videos from AT&T TV. Subscribers can also take their numbers with them NumberSync so they can keep connected with the same people they have on their phone.

On the other hand, there are also reasons not to go for the Galaxy Tab S5e as far as features and performance go. It doesn't support the S Pen, for example, even if you buy your own. It also has slightly lower specs. Ironically, the Galaxy Tab S5e supports Samsung's rather niche Linux on Dex while the Galaxy Tab S6 doesn't yet.

At the end of the day, it might all boil down to the price, with the Galaxy Tab S5e selling for $479.99 on AT&T. Alternatively, subscribers can get it for $16 a month for 30 months. Compared to the $649.99 Galaxy Tab S6, some might consider it a good deal.