Galaxy Tab E Family Tipped To Head To US In 2016

Fans of Samsung tablets that were a bit jealous of the Galaxy Tab E 8.0 that launched in Taiwan recently will be glad to hear that the entire Galaxy E family is heading to the US. Right now we don't know exactly when the tablets will arrive in the States, all we know is that it will happen later this year. The arrival of these tablets in the US isn't official from Samsung just yet.

The news comes by way of the website for a US retailer called United Office where four tablets in the series have turned up. The four tablets include the Galaxy Tab E 8.0, Galaxy Tab E Lite, and Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids. The fourth tablet is a Galaxy Tab E 7.0 that hasn't been announced.

While the listings showed up on the website, they didn't include any indication of specifications. There are some rumors about the specs of the Galaxy Tab E 7.0 floating around. A 7-inch screen is a given, the processor is tipped as a 1.3GHz unit mated with 1.5GB of RAM.

Internal storage is pegged as 8GB with expansion via memory cards. The tablet is also tipped to support 4G connectivity. The Tab E Lite Kids is expected to be virtually the same tablet crammed inside a more rugged case.

SOURCE: Sammobile