Galaxy SmartTag+ with UWB support gets a release date

Earlier this year, Samsung revealed an enhanced SmartTag it's simply calling the SmartTag+. Functionality is still mostly the same – you'll still attach these SmartTags to items that prone to to being misplaced so you can find them easily – but as the name suggests, SmartTag+ comes with new functionality over its predecessor. Now, Samsung has told when we can expect SmartTag+ to launch.

Samsung has confirmed that SmartTag+ will begin launching around the world beginning on April 16th. It seems that US availability won't be going live on that date, as Samsung says that SmartTag+ will launch here in "the coming weeks." It's a bit disappointing that there's no specific release date for the US in today's announcement, but at least we know that it'll be launching sometime shortly after April 16th.

In any case, the big upgrade for SmartTag+ is the addition of ultra-wideband support. SmartTag+ still uses Bluetooth Low Energy like the standard SmartTag, but the addition of UWB tracking helps location accuracy. It also means that you can track down missing items using augmented reality (assuming that your phone is also equipped with UWB 5G) that will guide you to the location of your lost item. When you're nearby, you can have the SmartTag+ produce a ringing sound that will help you find the item even if it's out of sight.

The BLE functionality, on the other hand, can allow you to find items that are far away, as any nearby devices that have opted into SmartThings Find can share the location of your item with the SmartThings server when you report it as missing. SmartTag+ also has some IoT functionality as well, as it can be set up to control certain devices remotely through the SmartThings app.

Of course, this added functionality will cost you a bit extra, too. A single SmartTag+ will run $39.99, which is $10 more than a single, standard SmartTag. SmartTag+ 2-packs, on the other hand, will run $64.99, which clocks in at $15 more than a 2-pack of the standard SmartTag. We'll see if Samsung shares more specifics about US release timing and we'll update you if it does, but otherwise, keep an eye out for these to launch on Samsung's website.