Galaxy S9, Uhsupp social network app to launch side by side

The Galaxy S9 hasn't even debuted yet but it's already being criticized for not having enough new features to be worth buyers' cash. Actually, it might have but that's not exactly a good thing. According to Korean media, the Galaxy S9 will be Samsung's first phone to have its second (or third) social networking app installed. Trademarked as "Uhsupp", this app will supposedly let Galaxy S9 owners share their location with friends, comment on that, and even send messages to one another. In other words, features that other social networking apps already offer.

A few centuries from now, our descendants will probably roll their eyes at how we've degraded our ability to spell correctly, with words like Razr, Tindr, Whatsapp, and, now, Uhsupp. Either that or they themselves would have evolved to make somoe vowels unnecessary. Either way, Samsung's reported social network is going to make people's eyes roll, be it because of its name or its functions, or both.

Trademarked in both the EU and Korea (no word on the US yet), Uhsupp's purpose and reason for existence is going to be one of the biggest mysteries of the known universe. According to the report, it is a location-based social networking service that lets users share their location and receive comments on it. You can forget about the privacy issues about that because other social networks already do that anyway. Which is also why Uhsupp doesn't make much sense.

Samsung is, of course, known for trying to reinvent the wheel more than once. Sometimes it works, other (or most) times, it flops. This isn't Samsung's first stab at social networking, mind. There's ChatON pictured above, a better spelled service that focused on, well, chatting. It was retired quite a while back for failing to gain traction. And, in case you're wondering, yes, Uhsupp will also let you chat.