Galaxy S8 has a missing text messages problem

Is every new Samsung flagship cursed to have a major fiasco? While not as explosive, pun totally intended, as the Galaxy Note 7, it seems that something is amiss with the otherwise commendable Galaxy S8 and S8+. Owners across different carriers in the US are reporting cases of "missing" text messages. On the one hand, it's unlikely to cause physical harm (unless you violently hurl the phone at someone). But, on the other hand, the bug is a serious issue for concern, especially when emergency cases are involved.

It isn't simply a case of text messages refusing to display. It is, unfortunately, a case where text messages seem fail getting through the phone completely. It doesn't affect all text messages, however, which makes it all the more stressful.

Adding to the complexity is the observation that it affects users from all US carriers, from AT&T to Sprint to T-Mobile to Verizon. No carrier is spared. And it seems to happen no matter what SMS app you're using, be it Samsung's stock app, Android's official app, or any third-party app.

Users have taken to Reddit and the Interwebs at large to vent their frustration and try to solve the mystery post haste. Some have blamed it on the Textra third-party messaging app, but it doesn't seem to affect other users of the app. Others have suggested disabling the Advanced Messaging feature. While some have reported glad tidings on this "fix", it doesn't work for all, unfortunately.

Samsung's silence is deafening, especially given how Galaxy S8 users have been in an uproar for days now. Considering how much egg it got on its face because of its slow response to the even more dangerous Galaxy Note 7 problem last year, you'd think Samsung would at least acknowledge having heard their cries. Hopefully, just hopefully, they're just too busy trying to figure out what's wrong.

VIA: Reddit