Galaxy S7 to come in onyx black next month

Samsung is still taking it on the chin with the failure of the Galaxy Note 7. The company has convinced many Note 7 owners to turn the devices in and is working to convince those who remain to do the same. Samsung desperately wants the Note 7 owners who return their devices to stick with the brand and has offered $100 credit to Note 7 owners to get another Samsung phone. To help woo those people to the Galaxy S7, Samsung will offer it in a color first seen on the Note 7 according to an industry source- onyx black.

This source claims that Samsung will launch the onyx black version of the S7 next month. This version will be glossy black. It will apparently be offered along with the onyx black matte finish version and is clearly directly targeting the iPhone 7 that comes in both jet black and matte black finishes.

Word is that the $100 credit offer and the new colors have pushed demand for the Galaxy S7 and the older smartphone is outselling the newer iPhone 7 in South Korea, Samsung's home country. The coral blue version of the S7 is selling in droves with reports indicating Samsung is moving 15,000 coral blue S7 devices every day.

iPhone 7 volumes in South Korea are reported to be about 10,000 daily units. Another interesting Galaxy Note 7 tidbit has surfaced recently that claims the Note 7 might return next year as a refurbished unit. That might be a hard pill for shoppers to swallow after the Note 7 was recalled, supposedly fixed, and then the repaired units suffered from the same issue and were recalled again. Samsung will have some serious marketing to do to convince consumers and airlines that the refurbished Note 7 devices are safe.

SOURCE: The Investor