Galaxy S7 edge owners report vertical pink line display issue

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Many Galaxy S7 edge owners are reporting a problem in which the display on their Samsung handset develops a vertical pink line running from the top to the bottom of the handset. Reports of this issue have been popping up online for months, including in a large 33-page thread on Samsung's own forums. No attempts to fix the problem have been permanently successful, according to handset owners, short of exchanging the device or sending it in for servicing.

The earliest reports on the issue seem to date back to last summer, and span many forums and online social websites, as well as Reddit. Images of afflicted handsets are all generally the same, featuring a thick vertical pink line that is visible on the display itself, but that does not show up on screenshots taken with the handset.

Some users report that methods for fixing 'dead' pixels temporarily solve the vertical pink line issue, but that it tends to return after some time has passed. All signs point toward it being a hardware issue, and some users have been advised by Samsung workers to send their handsets in for servicing. However, you'll need to pay for that servicing if your phone isn't covered by a warranty.

Samsung doesn't appear to have acknowledged this as any sort of widespread issue affecting the handset, and many users have expressed frustration about that, reporting that their new or nearly new phones are affected but are being turned down for warranty servicing for various reasons. For the time being, affected owners are advised to contact Samsung and get their phone serviced before the warranty runs out.