Galaxy S22 Ultra telephoto camera might not get upgraded

The Galaxy S22 is so far shaping up to be a mixed bag. It is expected to be the first smartphone to use the upcoming AMD-augmented Exynos 2200, but most of the models sold worldwide might not use that processor. There is some talk about the phone's new camera systems, but Samsung has reportedly decided not to use its new Under-Panel Camera that it employed on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to some controversy. Now a new report suggests that some of the cameras on the highest-end Galaxy S22 Ultra model might be the same as last year's set, though it may have a trick up its sleeve to save the day.

Getting rid of the hype-only "Space Zoom" of the Galaxy S20 last year, Samsung opted to put two telephoto cameras in the Galaxy S21 Ultra this year instead. Both used 10MP sensors but provided different levels of zoom, one at 3x optical zoom maximum and another at 10x optical zoom thanks to a periscope style lens.

According to GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S22 Ultra next year would have two 10MP telephoto cameras again, one of which will offer the same 10x optical zoom. The other's capability is still unknown, but it wouldn't be a surprise if it is also the same as last year's. That said, the report also considers that the cameras may have one upgrade that could at least make up for that.

There are rumors that Samsung is working on a "continuous zoom" or stepless variable zoom, one where the lenses inside the camera module are able to smoothly and freely slide into any position. It may not be a huge improvement, but it lays the groundwork for future improvements in that area. This is similar to the technology that OPPO just revealed and is hoping to launch in phones early next year.

The Galaxy S22 series is also expected to use a new RGBW sensor that could improve the phone's light input. In terms of upgrades, however, the Galaxy S22+ could see the biggest jump compared to its predecessor. Unfortunately, it might also have the biggest downgrade when it comes to battery capacity.