Galaxy S22 Ultra renders could trigger a specific phobia

JC Torres - Oct 18, 2021, 7:58pm CDT
Galaxy S22 Ultra renders could trigger a specific phobia

One of the Galaxy S22 series’ most controversial leaked aspects has so far been its design. While the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ (or Pro) models are sticking to a similarly controversial design, there doesn’t seem to be any consensus yet about the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera bump. It was initially accepted that it would have an odd P-shaped island, but that theory is now being tested by a particular tipster. A third variant of that design is now being presented, and it might just be as divisive as all the others.

As far as the general design goes, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is now expected to look different from the other two Galaxy S22 models or from any Galaxy S phone for that matter. The leaked renders, cases, and schematics all point to a more boxy design similar to a Galaxy Note. That image is reinforced by the rumors and expectations that the Galaxy S22 Ultra, unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra this year, will have a silo for the S Pen.

The new disagreement seems to come from the design of the camera bump on its back. Earlier rumors pointed to a P-shaped cutout, but that might simply be the shape for cases and dummy units. LetsGoDigital is pushing the possibility of the camera bumps and islands actually looking very different from earlier renders.

It recently presented a render where there are two islands rather than one, both vertical and sitting side by side. Now it is offering another possibility where there is no camera bump at all. Instead, the Galaxy S22 Ultra could use a “waterdrop” camera design that was first seen in the LG Velvet last year.

While this variant may look cleaner to some people, for a certain number of the world’s population, it could send chills down their spines. In particular, it could trigger some people’s trypophobia or fear of holes, thanks to six very distinct circles on the phone’s back (counting the LED flash). It seems that Samsung might have a difficult time selling the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera design, whichever one it chooses, even if it goes back to a Contour Cutout Camera like this year’s flagships.

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