Galaxy S21 Ultra packs Samsung's new low-power OLED display

Samsung has announced a low-power OLED display for smartphones, the same one found in the company's new Galaxy S21 Ultra handset. The company says this new smartphone display features its 'just-developed' organic material that offers an a drastically improved luminous efficiency when compared to Samsung's past OLED offerings.

As a quick primer, OLED displays offer their notable color vibrancy via self-luminous organic materials powered by an electric current. This eliminates the need to use a separate light source, offering both efficiency and the high performance that makes them popular.

According to Samsung, it has developed a 'novel organic material' that enables electrons to move easily and quickly through the organic layers from which the display is made. This presents a drastic increase in luminous efficiency, ultimately resulting in less power consumption with greater brightness.

This is particularly good news for users who watch a large amount of video content on their phones. The company notes that displays have a major role in how much power a phone uses, which is why an upgrade like this improves things for consumers. Samsung Display's Jeeho Baek said:

The constant progression of display technologies has increased demand for lower power consumption to enable features such as larger screens, faster display driving, and greater resolution. Building upon our industry-leading expertise in material technology, which has been increasing for a long time, Samsung Display is directly engaging with many of its customers to improve performance of their newest products.

Though Samsung didn't state as much, we'll probably see this panel arrive in other handsets in the future.