Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G gets a new color, but only as a retailer exclusive

If you've been thinking of picking up Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G lately, then you might like to know that the phone is now available in a new color. Samsung today announced that the phone will now be available in Navy Blue, adding to the black, gray, and white colors the phone was already available in. Unfortunately, the navy Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is only available at a specific retailer, so you'll need to buy through them if you want it.

The navy version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is only available through Best Buy, but the good news is that you won't necessarily need to go into a store to pick one up, as the navy model is also available on Best Buy's website. The company is currently running a promotion that will shave $200 off the purchase price of the phone – bringing it down to $999.99 – but you'll have to activate it when you buy it.

If you'd prefer not to activate the phone at the point of sale, you can still get a navy Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, but it'll cost you the normal retail price of $1,199.99. That is quite a bit of money and since you wouldn't be activating it on a carrier's payment plan, Best Buy would require that amount all up front.

When it comes to the Galaxy S21 lineup, the S21 Ultra 5G was definitely the phone that needed a new color added to its list of options. While the standard S21 5G and the S21+ 5G are available in colors like Phantom Red, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Pink, the Galaxy S21 5Ultra 5G has only been available in Phantom Silver, Phantom Black, and Phantom Titanium colors since it launched earlier this year.

While the new Navy Blue color – as it's officially called – may not be as loud as the red, pink, or purple colorways that are available with other models, it's still nice to see a little color in the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G lineup. You can find the Navy Blue Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G today at Best Buy stores across the US and on Best Buy's website.