Galaxy S21 might still get a February launch date

Rumors about Samsung scheduling the debut of its Galaxy S21 in January proved to be a rather surprising one but given the volume of unofficial confirmations, it was pretty much considered to be the case. Now a new, solitary rumor has popped up that casts doubt on all of the previous ones, claiming that the Galaxy S21 will still launch in February on a still-unknown date. Even if true, however, it might no longer make much of a difference in changing how the Galaxy S21 series will look, inside and out.

Presuming Samsung simply changed its mind and pushed its Unpacked event a month later, it might still be too late to make drastic changes to the Galaxy S21 as we've seen it in leaks. Granted, it's still very early in the game but some things should be locked down already by now. That is unless Samsung is willing to risk the delays that the iPhone 12 suffered this year.

One crucial factor in support of this February rumor, however, is the processors that will be used inside the Galaxy S21. Neither Qualcomm nor Samsung have announced their next-gen Snapdragon 875 and Exynos 2100 chips, respectively, something that Qualcomm usually does in December. Unless Samsung had early deals with Qualcomm or Qualcomm moves up its own schedule, Galaxy S21 production and testing could be pretty tight if the phones launch even in late January.

That said, not much is expected to change with the Galaxy S21, at least compared to this year's flagships. There is that new camera design that's proving to be a bit divisive but the cameras might not see a significant upgrade beyond the Galaxy S21 Ultra's dual telephoto cameras. One new glimmer of hope comes from a recent leak pointing to the Galaxy S21's very narrow chin.

Again, none of these are set in stone, of course, and even the February date is still suspect, despite the source's confidence in the information. Suffice it to say, there will definitely be a lot of talk around the Galaxy S21, but whether its launch timing will have a positive impact on sales is still unclear.