Galaxy S21 might not come with chargers or headphones in the box

If you were completely shocked by this turn of events, then you probably don't know Samsung that well. Not too long ago, Samsung joined or maybe even led the Internet in mocking Apple for the latter's decision to exclude a charger inside the iPhone 12 packaging. Those who were more familiar with Samsung's history simply started counting down instead. Less than two months later, we're seeing what appears to be confirmation that, after deriding Apple, Samsung will actually be following in its footsteps and ship without chargers or headphones in its upcoming early 2021 flagship.

This wouldn't be the first time Samsung pulled a similar stunt. When Apple ditched the headphone jack, it also joined the chorus that criticized the move. Of course, Samsung's most recent flagships no longer have that port either.

Tecnoblog reports that Brazil's Anatel national telecommunications agency now holds proof that Samsung will once again do an Apple. The certification for three smartphones under SM-G99X model numbers noted that neither a charger nor a headset was included in the box. Although the document applies only to Brazil, it is highly likely that this will be Samsung's global strategy.

That said, the company might actually face opposition in that country and be forced to ship with chargers there anyway. Brazil has reportedly forced Apple to include chargers in its iPhone 12 boxes sold there, claiming that it was unconvinced by Apple's reasons for excluding them in the first place. Chances are the government would require Samsung to do likewise.

The certification also sheds some minor details about the phones like their batteries, 4,000 mAh for the Galaxy S21, 4,800 mAh for the Galaxy S21+, and 5,000 mAh for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Actually, the documents don't name the phones as "Galaxy S21", suggesting it might not yet be the name of Samsung's charger-less smartphones.