Galaxy S21 FE Renders Show Very Subtle Design Changes

There hasbeen some fuss lately over the Galaxy S20 FE, a.k.a. Fan Edition, but it isn't because it's new. It's more because of the oddity of launching a new configuration of that model this late in the game. It seems, however, that Samsung is using a strategy of making small tweaks and calling it a new thing. The upcoming Galaxy S21 FE is one such example and only keen-eyed observers will be able to tell it apart from the more expensive Galaxy S21.

At first glance and at first touch, the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition looks to have all the elements of its namesake. There's the unique "Contour Camera" design that proved to be divisive even among Samsung fans. On the Galaxy S21 FE, as on the Galaxy S21, the bump isn't that huge, housing only three potentially lower-grade cameras in a single column.

There are, of course, differences but more than just on the inside. It isn't that obvious immediately but even that so-called Contour Camera isn't the same as the Galaxy S21's. The more premium version has the bump extending from the metal frame but, according to @OnLeaks, the Galaxy S21 FE's protrudes directly from the "glasstic" back panel instead.

You also wouldn't be able to tell the size differences unless you had the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S21 side-by-side. The Fan Edition, which has a roughly 6.4-inch flat screen, is taller but also wider than the original. Other than those, however, the two are nearly identical.

Of course, those won't be the selling points of the Galaxy S21 FE. Those will be the price tag it will bear as well as the features that will remain after the cut. Those details, unfortunately, are still unavailable at this moment.