Galaxy S21 FE might have just been canceled

Many companies have initially downplayed the effects of the ongoing chip supply crisis on their plans, but even the likes of chip giant Intel and foundry TSMC have had to admit defeat. Things have been going great for Samsung, but it eventually had to cut out what would have been this year's Galaxy Note 21. It seems that it won't be the only casualty, and despite its best efforts, the Galaxy S21 FE might have been scrapped in favor of the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

To be clear, the report coming from South Korea only claims that Samsung has canceled the event that would have announced the Galaxy S21 FE. No date has been given for it so far, but the company spokesperson says it was scheduled for mid-October. Although Samsung has launched new phones without much fuss or fanfare, it is implied that the Galaxy S21 FE is likewise being scrapped.

Those following the phone's unofficial story might not be so shocked if Samsung did decide to cancel this year's Fan Edition. Right from the start, the Galaxy S21 FE's production has been troubled, partly owing to the fact that it would be competing for precious and limited resources, like the Snapdragon 888 chip. Samsung already delayed its production by a few months, according to some sources, and only produced around 10,000 units so far, according to others.

The report now puts the blame of the Galaxy S21 FE's demise on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung's more affordable foldable phone. The phone is reportedly selling too well that Samsung isn't actually able to keep up with the demand. This would definitely force the company to reconsider its priorities, and the more affordable Galaxy S flagship didn't make the cut.

Samsung hasn't confirmed this report, of course, and it might still launch the Galaxy S21 FE as a very limited edition, depending on how many units it did manage to make so far. This does leave the company in a rather awkward position of not having a flagship phone for the second half of the year. Then again, if the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is really selling that well, it could take that spot, and the Galaxy S22 might be less than four months away.