Galaxy S21 colors include some questionable custom options

Long gone are the days where personalizing your phone simply meant replacing its plastic back with a different color or design. These days you have to stick with the color that you want, presuming what you want is even available, or settle for cases and skins. Unfortunately, manufacturers like Samsung don't always make all color options available in all markets. Based on this latest leak for the Galaxy S21 series, some might be thankful that is exactly the case because of some "interesting" color options, to put it mildly.

The Galaxy S21 will be a rather big departure when it comes to the camera bump design. Previously treated like islands of their own, the camera array will instead sit in a structure that looks almost clipped on instead of built-in. That, unfortunately, requires not just changes in some cases but also in the color options available.

Roland Quandt has provided images of the different colors that the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra will come in, including "custom colors" that may be available only in certain markets. It probably has the widest variety of options to choose from, though it will unlikely meet everyone's varied aesthetic tastes.

That said, some of the colors are already rubbing some people wrong. The problem is that while the backs of the phones do change their hues, the camera bumps don't and alternate only between dark gray, silver, and copper. That makes a red Galaxy S21+ look almost perfect except for the slice of copper poking out of the corner.

It's still disappointing that Samsung didn't go all out and have matching camera bumps for those color options but that might be due to the manufacturing costs involved. Fortunately, the number of options does hint that buyers will be able to pick out the color combination that will be the least offensive to their eyes and probably slap on a skin of their choice afterward.