Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra cases leak, emphasizing the odd design

Although it became more or less accepted fate, the design of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20, especially their large Ultra models, may not have really sat well in consumers' consciousness. Samsung will apparently be changing that next year but it's equally just as debatable whether it's a step forward or a tumble backward. As if the renders weren't enough, alleged folio cases for next year's very early 2021 Samsung flagships show just how different they will be.

Rather than just large islands floating near the corner, the Galaxy S21 has been rumored to sport a design where the camera bump "bleeds" completely to the edges. This gives it a sort of clipped on look rather than something that a built-in part of the phone's back.

That design will naturally affect accessories that latch on to the phone's back or body. Unlike other cases where you have simple cutouts in the middle of the case, these leaked images of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra's cases show how ridiculous those would look. You pretty much have a large chunk of the case cut off in the corner.

More than just the design, however, this could also have some practical implications as far as protection goes. Unless case makers are able to figure out a better design, that will leave a corner of the phone exposed and unprotected. That corner also happens to be where the crucial cameras are located as well.

The leaked image for the Galaxy S21 Ultra also leaves discussions open over how many cameras the phone will actually have. Clearly visible are four lenses but there could also be a somewhat invisible sensor in the last remaining slot, perhaps Samsung's new 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensor even.