Galaxy S20's next update will fix overheating wireless charging and wifi issues

The Galaxy S20, especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra, may be Samsung's most prestigious smartphones so far (disregarding the Galaxy Z Flip), but they are far from perfect. Even from day one, the phone's supposedly superb cameras had some very evident issues which Samsung did manage to address in its first major update for the phone. There is a second update coming and while it does also partly touch on the camera, it seems geared to make users' lives less frustrating.

It's not that the Galaxy S20 is fundamentally broken, otherwise, we would have not heard the end of it by now. It has its flaws, definitely, including the phone's much-hyped cameras. There are, however, some other potentially minor annoyances that, taken together, make the expensive handset feel like a regrettable purchase.

Despite the Galaxy 20 series' already large batteries, power management is always something that can be improved to almost no end. Wi-Fi instability, however, can be more than just annoying for times when an Internet connection is needed to get stuff done. The most worrying, however, is the potential overheating caused by wireless charging which can become a fire hazard if left unchecked.

Fortunately, those will be fixed in the next big update for the phones. According to XDA's Max Weinbach, these, along with a fix for the camera app freezing at times, will be what's waiting for Galaxy S20 owners next time.

These issues apparently affect all three Galaxy S20 models so it's a common trait for one reason or another. Weinbach, unfortunately, gave no timeline for that second update though the first one rolled out in South Korea just days after it was leaked. Given the situation around the world, however, delays might be expected.