Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G teardown reveals some worrying secrets

The Galaxy S20 Ultra, which comes with 5G as standard, is arguably one of the most advanced smartphones in the market today. Some, however, will argue whether its price is justified by all those features. Teardowns have already revealed how tightly-packed the phone is in order to cram all the components it advertises. JerryRigEverything's treatment of that same phone, however, might raise a few questions regarding the phone's longevity and safety over time.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is one tough nut to crack as iFixit already found out. You could potentially crack the glass back while prying it free but, thankfully, it's something repair technicians are already familiar with. Even better, there are no sensitive and fragile cables that connect that rear to the phone's body, reducing the risk of accidentally slicing through one.

Unfortunately, that's probably the easiest part of the process, which continues to a plethora of screws and LEGO-style connectors. The battery, however, is the most difficult and most dangerous one to remove and replace. Authorized Samsung service centers might be privy to some special substances and tools to make that possible butt third-party ones are definitely on their own.

One other worrying thing about the Galaxy S20 Ultra doesn't even require opening the phone up but is only discoverable once Zack Nelson did. Despite the cramped space, the faster and more powerful silicon, and the stacked PCB layout, the phone doesn't seem to have any of the usual thermal paste between the chips and the liquid copper cooling underneath. Nelson worries it could be cause for some overheating but we'll have to see if it does in the long run.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is obviously a showcase of the coolest smartphone features to date, 5G debates aside. The YouTuber, however, isn't convinced it's worth the $1,400 price tag, especially when some features sound too gimmicky and other phones do just as well at half the price.