Galaxy S20, Galaxy Fold 2 features seen in Galaxy Note 9 One UI 2.0 update

With just days to spare before CES 2020, Samsung has started rolling out One UI 2.0, which also brings Android 10, to Galaxy Note 9 devices that weren't part of its beta test program. While that update is, of course, specific to one model, the software, specifically Samsung One UI 2.0, is intended for all compatible phones, including those that haven't even been launched yet. Fortunately, it didn't take look for XDA to pry it apart to reveal secrets that apply to the Galaxy S20 (or Galaxy S11) and the next Galaxy Fold phone.

Cameras have been one of the core focus of smartphones in the past years and there doesn't seem to be any sign of it stopping soon. The Galaxy S20 may, in fact, be Samsung's most talented when it comes to that aspect and it won't just be because of the hardware. XDA has taken apart apps from the One UI 2.0 update and discovered text that hints at features that may be available on the next Galaxy flagship.

Clues about these features may have been seen before but the latest update offers more information or at least some confirmation. For example, the Directors View would allow users to switch between different lenses even while recording video. Single Take Photo, on the other hand, mimic's the Pixel's Photobooth feature that uses AI to determine the best shot to take when taking selfies or panoramic shots. Mobile cinematographers will probably be happy that Samsung is also bringing back Pro mode when recording videos.

It isn't just the Galaxy S20 that's the spotlight of the APK teardowns. There is also evidence that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be able to support fast charging ranging from 25W to 45W. That could compensate for the Galaxy Fold 2's measly 900 mAh batteries, at least according to the leaks.

Of course, these features aren't guaranteed to arrive in this year's high-end Samsung smartphones but the strings at least implies that the company is preparing for that future. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long for official confirmation as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold 2 are both expected to debut in mid-February.