Galaxy S20 FE teaser and leaked promo aim for shutterbugs

Samsung doesn't usually give its non-flagship phones much fanfare, except when for a few models that it launches in certain markets like India. With its upcoming "Unpacked for Every Fan", however, Samsung seems to be making quite a big fuss over it, even though most probably already know what it will be announcing there. It seems that Samsung is making more than just a big fuss and is reportedly making a big bet on the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition's success.

A report from Korean media claims that Samsung is planning to produce 10 million Galaxy S20 FE units just in this year alone. That's a rather large number considering there are only 3 months left in the year and especially considering Samsung's market performance in the past 8 months and a half. But it is exactly because of those disappointing figures that Samsung is putting its eggs in the Galaxy S20 FE basket, hoping it could reclaim its lost territories in China and India.

Samsung's own official teaser promises that the phone will have the most-loved innovations it has shown off so far. It also hints at multiple color options, something it rarely does for its own premium phone series. Of course, both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20, not to mention the Galaxy Z Fold 2, have brought about "loved" innovations, but those hardly seem like a fit for this Fan Edition.

A leaked promo video for the phone pretty much sums it all up in the camera features, helped by an expandable memory, and a long-lasting battery that supports wireless charging. All that for an affordable price, Samsung suggests, though that may not be what many would consider "affordable".

According to the same Korean report, the factory price for the Galaxy S20 FE starts at 800,000 KRW, roughly $690. That's immediately more expensive than the iPhone SE 2020 and Samsung's own Galaxy A51 5G, which could make the phone a harder sell if not for the promise of more powerful photography chops.