Galaxy S20 FE reportedly exhibiting touch screen issues

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition was designed to save the Galaxy S20 name. Samsung's early 2020 premium flagship was marred by seemingly excessive features and an excessive price tag. Of course, it's expected that Samsung cut a few corners to achieve the phone's more lightweight price tag but buyers may be getting more than they bargained for if these reported touch screen problems plaguing some owners turn out to be a more widespread case.

Samsung is famous for its phones' display quality and that applies even to lower-end mid-range phones. Of course, that doesn't immediately translate to touch screen quality but rarely has it been reported that these screens exhibited erratic behavior. Definitely not from Samsung's more expensive flagships like the Galaxy S20 series.

And yet, that's what a few owners of the Galaxy S20 FE are now reporting on Reddit and Samsung's own forums. The incorrect behaviors include the lack of or late responses to touch, "ghost" taps, and others. There doesn't seem to be any consistent pattern other than they're all inconsistent and vary from user to user.

9to5Google's own unit exhibited the strange behavior and Samsung seems to be unaware of the reports. Admittedly, the number of affected users is small but there are enough of them to warrant a deeper look. As it stands, these reports may make prospective buyers a bit wary of investing in the Galaxy S20 FE this early in the game.

It would be a shame, though, given how this Fan Edition phone almost offers the perfect balance of price and features. There is also the Galaxy A71 5G, which has been time-tested in the market for a few months now but the difference in features may be a bit too wide on closer inspection.