Galaxy S10 might have a fourth sibling

JC Torres - Sep 18, 2018, 9:48pm CDT
Galaxy S10 might have a fourth sibling

Why have only two when you can get away with three? But why stop at three when you can have four? Even before Apple announced its iPhone Xs trio, but around the time rumors started popping up, Samsung was leaked to also have three Galaxy S10 models in the works. Now it seems that Samsung will actually have four, really three and a half, models, with one bearing what OEMs and carriers are pushing to be the next big thing in the market: 5G.

It’s pretty much expected to be called the Galaxy S10 by now, though, at least internally, they’re still nicknamed the “Beyond” phones, numbered 0 to 2 (it’s a geek thing). The three phones are expected to slightly mirror this year’s iPhones in terms of pricing scheme, sizes, and features. At least to some extent.

For example, the “Beyond 0” phone is said to be the budget version, though it will have the same 5.8-inch screen size as the “Beyond 1”. It will have a single main camera though, and the jury’s still out on what kind of fingerprint sensor it will have and where. The 5.8-inch “Beyond 1” will be the base Galaxy S10 model with dual cameras while the “Beyond 2” is the 6.44-inch “Plus” that brings the rumored triple rear cameras along with dual front cameras.

Some digging by XDA revealed, however, that there’s going to be a variant of the Beyond 2, simply called “Beyond 2 5G”. If it isn’t that obvious, it refers to the exact same Beyond 2, just equipped with a 5G-capable modem. Manufacturers are slowly putting out 5G-compatible phones, or at least addons, in preparation for what’s still a year or two away in terms of mass adoption.

With four models and two processors (Qualcomm and Exynos), Samsung will be bringing a total of eight Galaxy S10 phones to the market next year. No problem for the world’s largest smartphone maker. Whether those eight phones sell better than this year’s flagships will depend on whether it has more than just triple cameras to offer.

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