Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 One get Galaxy S20 camera features in One UI 2.1

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New phone launches usually also mean new software with new features. More often than not, those new things don't always trickle down to older phones, even those barely a year old. Samsung is assuring owners of its 2019 premium flagship that it hasn't forgotten about them at all and is, in fact, getting the ball rolling on making owners of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 feel like they're using the Galaxy S20. At least as far as the camera is concerned, that is.

Given how central the camera has become to today's mobile experience, it's not surprising that Samsung is putting the focus, pardon the pun, on features for the camera app. Besides, the previous One UI 2.0 update already brought in the big changes, including Android 10. One UI 2.1 has mostly been about polish and photography and that's exactly what this update will offer.

The update brings a couple of features that don't depend on the phones having the more powerful lenses of the Galaxy S20. Those include Single Take which captures 10 seconds of video along with photos when you press the button. Night Mode and Night Hyperlapse depend more on processing power to make images pop up even in low light.

After the photos and videos have been recorded, the new Intelligent Gallery lets you group similar shots together with Clean View for easier browsing. And when you need to share them, Quick Share can easily pass them around nearby people. Music Share also does the same for music, allowing you to extend your Bluetooth connection to a speaker or even the car stereo.

Samsung says that the rollout of the One UI 2.0 update begins this month but exact dates will vary by market, carrier, and model. Despite sharing in the name, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite won't share in all the same features, missing out on Night Hyperlapse. Whether these features will also make their way to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, however, will remain a waiting and guessing game.