Galaxy Note 9 screen gets DisplayMate's highest grade ever

While there has been an obsession over screen cutouts, most smartphone wars are still waged in terms of camera features. But no matter how good your smartphone camera may be, you might think that it isn't just because it isn't being displayed correctly on the smartphone screen. That is why DisplayMate continues to emphasize that the display is the crown jewel of smartphones. And, not that surprising, it's giving the crown of smartphone displays to the latest flagship to come our way: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Truth be told, it has almost become as predictable as DxOMark ratings. Every new Samsung and Apple flagship gets the highest ranking in their display type categories, OLED and LCD, respectively. It is pretty much the side effect of continuous improvement, though DisplayMate is wont to remind the public that improving picture quality and color accuracy is more important than improving display hardware performance. And it's quite pleased to see Samsung go in that direction.

There has been an increase in performance, mind, with the Galaxy Note 9 boasting a 27^% increase in brightness over othe Galaxy Note 8 in High Brightness Mode. DisplayMate notes, however, the bigger advances in color accuracy, marking the phablet's output as "Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect". All in all, the display experts give it the highest A+ grade it has ever bequeathed a smartphone. It says:

"The Galaxy Note9 is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever Lab tested, breaking and establishing many new Display Performance Records that are listed above. The Galaxy Note9 delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier Display Performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in All of the DisplayMate Lab Test and Measurement Categories."

DisplayMate says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is only the second smartphone to get All Green in All Categories. And what was the first one? The Samsung Galaxy S9.