Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition to get 3 years monthly updates

There might be a never-ending debate on whether Samsung's phones are the greatest or the worst Android phones ever, but there is probably one thing both sides will agree on. Samsung is quite slow in rolling out updates, even after it pledged speedy security updates in the aftermath of Stagefright. Such a system will not work in businesses and enterprises, so when Samsung launched its new Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition, it made a promise that should have been the case from the very start: monthly security updates.

Granted, the Galaxy Note 8 EE does make that guarantee for three years. However, Samsung has so far inconsistently applied that with any of its flagships so far, even for just one year. It might not spark much confidence that it will be able to do so for three years. Then again, losing business customers might serve as a stronger motivation for Samsung to pick up the pace.

Of course, that's not the only perk the Enterprise Edition has for businesses. Samsung will give customers the tools to let their IT departments determine when to push out updates. So even if, in theory, Samsung pushes out monthly security updates, IT might decide to hold them off for a later date. Naturally, business owners will have more control to customize the out of the box experience for employees.

Samsung boasts that the Galaxy Note 8 EE doesn't ship with any bloatware but singles out carrier bloatware only. Which is on par with unlocked phones anyway. It makes no mention of how much of its bloatware it ships with or how much control businesses will have in having those removed from the get-go.

In all other aspects, the Enterprise Edition is exactly identical to the regular Galaxy Note 8 in hardware and even in price. Almost. The Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition does cost $994 each, but that is something that businesses will have to worry about on their own.

SOURCE: Samsung