Galaxy Note 8 apps ported to rooted Samsung devices on Nougat

Having a bit of Galaxy Note 8 envy but don't have the opportunity to get even a considerably cheaper Galaxy S8? If you have a more or less recent Samsung phone, or at least one that's running Android 7.0 Nougat or later, then you're in luck. XDA Senior Member AlexiXDA has just extracted and ported some of the Note 8's apps to work on such Samsung devices. Best of all, they will work whether you're on a stock Samsung ROM or a custom one. The catch? You have to be rooted.

Truth be told, there are fewer and fewer custom Samsung apps that would actually make you want to go through the hoops just to install them on an unsupported phone. Apps like Messages, Email, Calender, and the like have long been outclassed by either Google's own apps or third-party apps.

Of course, there are some apps that users, even those without Samsung phones, might want from the Galaxy Note 8. At the top of that list is the Edge panels that give you quick access to functionality, no matter what app you're on. Live Messages might also be a good potion and Air Command, when used with a floating bubble, doesn't require an S Pen at all.

Sadly, some of the things that do make the Galaxy Note 8 unique are also unavailable as of this writing. That includes Samsung Notes and the Always On Display functionality, the latter of which is noted to have serious bugs.

Installing the apps is relatively easy to anyone who has experience flashing ZIP files via recovery. This does require the phone wot be rooted, which would trip up Samsung KNOX and lockout some functionality like Samsung Pay. Still, for those already using rooted devices anyway, it might well be worth taking a shot. Here's the current list of working Galaxy Note 8 apps for other Samsung devices:

- Phone and Contacts

- Incall UI

- Browser

- Clock

- Calendar

- Messaging

- TouchWiz Home

- Edge Lightning

- Task Edge

- People Edge

- Air Command

- S Finder

- Samsung Themes Store

- Smart Manager

- Keyboard

- My Files

- Gallery

- Photo Editor

- Calculator

- Weather

- Game Launcher

- Live Messages

- Unified Profile

- Fingerprint Service

- Fused Location

- media/audio and fonts folders