Galaxy Note 5 drop test shows how tough the phablet is

Drop tests are one of the things that many smartphone buyers want to see before they drop big money on a new smartphone. Odds are your device is going to get dropped at some point and the last thing you want is for the first drop to be the end of your device. A new drop test of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has turned up on YouTube to give us an idea how strong the smartphone it.

When dropped from 1 meter onto tile, the Note 5 survives with minor spiderweb cracks on the back. The next test was a drop of the phone onto its edge on tile. The phone survived that test very well with little damage.

The next test was a drop from a meter onto the screen side. The result was a screen with spider web cracks on the left side. The device still functioned, but definitely had cracks. Moving onto concrete drop tests, the first 1-meter drop shattered the back, but the device still works.

However, the screen has issues and all touch controls no longer function. Dropping the device onto concrete on its side, the phone survived with little damage. Dropping the Note 5 onto concrete with the screen side down finally caused damage to the display itself with a streak along the side to go with the non-functioning parts of the touchscreen. Watch the video to see the tests for yourself.