Galaxy Note 4 SM-916S variant seen with Snapdragon 810

Benchmarking site Geekbench seems to be confirming one persistent rumor from the past few days. It seems that Samsung indeed has a variant of the Galaxy Note 4 probably headed for its home market of Korea. The difference with this model, shown to be the SM-916S, is that it comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 instead of the 805, the former being the chip maker's high end octa-core processor based on a 64-bit architecture.

The Galaxy Note 4 isn't actually a stranger to 64-bit-ness. The Exynos 5433 in one variant of the phablet is supposedly already a 64-bit chip. However, Samsung also supposedly confined it to 32-bit mode and didn't advertise that fact in order to maintain parity with its Qualcomm counterpart, which runs on the still 32-bit Snapdragon 805. Now, however, it seems that the OEM might planning to go 64-bit all out, though for now ironically only for the Snapdragon variant.

Samsung is also no stranger when it comes to surprising, and perhaps irking, its own fans with an unexpected higher model of a flagship. We've seen that before with the Galaxy S5, which got a beefed up Galaxy S5 LTE-A, which had that QHD display that the flagship was rumored to have. Availability of this model was at first limited to Korea as well, though it eventually made it to other markets, though still limited in reach.

So will Samsung really release a "Galaxy Note 4 Pro" in Korea soon? It's a likely scenario, though we'll have to see more info beyond a rumor and a sighting on geekbench. Aside from the processor change, there seems to have been very little else in the new model, at least based on the limited specs indicated in the benchmark.

SOURCE: Geekbench

VIA: Android Community, Blog of Mobile