Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak: "Real Feel" S Pen, xCloud integration

With just two weeks left before the grand reveal, we've more or less heard everything that can be said about the Galaxy Note 20, especially the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Apparently, that's not entirely the case and there's still enough room for some small details to complete the whole picture. Fortunately, one such leak is providing those pieces, revealing a partnership between Samsung and Microsoft that is growing beyond simple pre-installed apps.

The Galaxy Note line has always been defined by its stylus and large screen, though the latter is no longer something unique to it. There have been concerns that Samsung has already reached a dead-end for the S Pen but WinFuture's latest leak dump might bring a sliver of hope to fans of the mighty stick.

According to the site, the S Pen will be boasting of reduced latency down to 9 milliseconds, taking it closer to the "Real Feel" of pen on paper. It probably shouldn't be a surprise that this 9ms figure is the same one Apple dropped when it announced the second-gen Apple Pencil. More than just the upgraded stylus, the Galaxy Note 20 will supposedly also have automatic OneNote integration, one of the recent fruits of that aforementioned partnership.

There is, however, a more interesting fruit, at least for gamers. The leak also mentions that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first phone that will be advertised as optimized for Microsoft's Project xCloud game streaming. There will most likely be some discount or special Xbox Game Pass offer for every purchase of the smartphone, something Samsung did with Microsoft OneDrive integration years ago.

With these two details, Samsung will most likely position the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as a mobile device for both productivity and pleasure. It might, however, put less emphasis on the photography aspects, especially with a slightly less sensational set of cameras. The two phones are slated to debut on August 5, along with four other high-end devices.