Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Buds Live work together in a unique way

This week will be a big one for Samsung and, considering everything we've heard and seen so far, it's unclear whether its devices will sing to consumers or get the cold shoulder instead. Premium prices for these premium devices will certainly be the sticking points though Samsung will most likely throw in some freebies, deals, and promos to soften the blow. It will, for example, bundle its new Galaxy Buds Live earbuds with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and it sounds, no pun intended, like a pairing made in heaven if you're any sort of a mobile broadcaster or creator.

Prolific leakster WalkingCat, a.k.a. @h0x0d on Twitter, shared what might be a snippet for a promotional vignette for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's video recording capabilities. Much of it we've already heard about or expected, given the specs, particularly the 8K video recording. What's new to our ears, again no pun intended, is how the Galaxy Buds Live could actually tie into that.

The description is brief and to the point. You can use the Galaxy Buds Live as a lapel mic when recording video but only in Pro Video Mode. How that will work, of course, is still unknown at this point, though one can imagine one or the other bud being used as a sort of remote mic.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was also leaked to have an "Omni" mode where users can pick which of the phone's mics will be used when recording a video. These two features seem to suggest that Samsung will try to make an appeal to content creators, particularly YouTubers, vloggers, or even reporters.

Of course, that will all depend on whether its target audience will be able to get their hands on a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and a Galaxy Buds Live, the latter rumored to be a pre-order freebie. Samsung will definitely need some sleight of hand if the starting 1,349 EUR price tag is the real deal.